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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Boy, that was FUN. What a great way to spend a birthday. On the down side, I got home to see a sticker from the police on my old car, which is parked in front of my freaking house. Apparently, it's at risk of being towed if it's not moved, because there's a 24 hour parking ordinance. Remember, now, it's in front of my freaking house, and several people on our street park their cars in front of their house. It's the crazy yard people across the street, I'm quite sure. I've gotten a nasty note before, as have two other neighbors. Apparently, we have in some minor way disturbed their view of how the world should be. No signature, of course, just from "A Concerned Neighbor". Mind you, our house and yard are well cared for, as are others around here. But most of the folks who live here are very busy, raising children, working, and generally trying to keep up with life. They need a hobby other than their yard - they have no kids and she stays at home. She apparently doesn't have enough to keep her busy, since she has all this time to observe her neighbors. I call them the crazy yard people because I have seen her out trimming the edge of their lawn with scissors, on her hands and knees - no joke. And of course the lawn is mowed in beautiful patterns, and there is no chance a leaf or litter would stay in their yard for more than 5 minutes. Their lawn is gorgeous (in the frighteningly obsessive sense), but they are never outside just sitting on their beautiful grass, or enjoying an iced tea, or whatever - if they are outside, they are working on their yard. We just don't have the kind of time it would take to maintain a perfectly manicured lawn. I called the police to find out if there was a complaint, and there was - apparently patrol officers don't check on cars without a complaint. I did find out that moving the car 2 or 3 inches would be considered moving it, so that's what I did. And that's what I plan to do every day until we can get the car donated to Goodwill. I may move the car to the main road so that the body damage is facing their house. Just for fun, dontcha know. So there, crazy yard people!!!! Back on the plus side, when I got home I also found some beautiful tulips that my sister-in-law Kirsten had delivered for my birthday. Thanks, chick!
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