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Friday, April 18, 2003
Busy day today. I was off work, but ended up working very hard. Mom and Dad came over with three van loads of their stuff to include in tomorrow's garage sale. Time for me to get rid of some stuff instead of moving it! Mark is so thrilled. He's a complete minimalist, and would be happy with a couch, a table, and his computer. And a TV, I suppose. Unfortunately for him, I like "stuff". Not thousands of tacky knick-knacks to dust around (what? dust???? What is that? I don't see any dust), but a lamp here and there, a couple of pillows, a few candles. I have to watch him around trash day or he may throw something away that I'd like to keep. So he's very happy. I'm ok with it all, I guess, because I see it as an opportunity to find and fix up better stuff! For example, we have a truly ancient set of patio furniture. It could use a paint job, but it's in excellent shape otherwise. I volunteered to put it in the garage sale, and he is so thrilled. I'll wait a while before I find something new and improved. And of course, it's not like I'd go out and buy something fancy or expensive. I'm more the consignment store type, or Salvation Army, and fixing things up. Just a few months ago, I painted my old, old coffee table so that the top looks like a marble slab. You can see it here. So anyway, Mom, Dad, and I spent the day moving junk around, cleaning out the garage, etc. I'm tired . . . And Mark came home sick. He's been in bed ever since he got home, shivering. Poor thing. He says he doesn't want anything, though. I keep asking, but I think I'll leave him alone for a bit. He knows I'm out here, after all, and he is 33. So I just got Lauren down a little while ago, and now I'm goofing off. She had a great day with Grandma D, but didn't nap at all, and ate a bunch of candy this afternoon. So she wasn't the least bit hungry for dinner and she was very grumpy. I took her for a long walk after a short dinner, and she finally ran off some of that sugar rush (Calgon, take me away from toddlers with no naps). Thank God - actual peace and quiet in my house. For a few hours, at least - the crazy garage sale zealots will be knocking on the door by 7:30. And they can stand on my porch and wait until 8:00. And on the highly selfish side, so much for dinner and a play tomorrow night to celebrate our anniversary. I doubt Mark will be feeling up to it by then, and even though he'll say he's fine and we should go, I know that he lies. It wouldn't be any fun for either of us if he's not 100% better. But I really want to go out, and we have babysitting all arranged, and we were getting tickets to A Streetcar Named Desire, and reservations at one of my favorite restaurants, and it's our anniversary. Hey, I said it was selfish . . . I'll stop whining now and go check on him.
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