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Monday, April 14, 2003
Man, what an absolutely horrible day at work. I never did have a chance to eat lunch, and I quite literally did not have time to go to the bathroom until 5:00 or so. I finally quit a little after 6:00, so I could at least drive home and spend a little time with Lauren before her bedtime. Synopsis of my day: I was swamped already, with about four major projects that I haven't had time to get done. And people on my back constantly. I just got Dreamweaver MX installed on my office computer last Thursday afternoon, and someone asked me in all seriousness on Friday if I could get a Dreamweaver project done for them this week. Ummmm, I haven't used it yet, don't know it at all. So they said they'd give me the content today! As if I were planning to spend my weekend at the office so that I could become an expert in this software, just for them. Then I got the word last Friday at 4:30 that the Cabinet Secretary and my boss's boss's boss (Greatgrand-boss??? Hardly!) volunteered me for another major project, and said really nice things about me. As if I care. And of course, the deadline to have a draft done is tomorrow, so that it can be reviewed by a bunch of head honchos. Since I'm out of the office for the next two days observing a training, that really meant COB today. This thing will then need to be revised after the feedback - it's going live on Friday. I'm in meetings most of the day on Thursday when I get back, and I'm off on Friday. I am not missing one of the few holidays I can get! So that means that I can do this project . . . . Hmmm . . . . Let's see . . . . YES! I see! I'll do it while I sleep! And I guess those four other projects will have to wait until next week. How is it that Monday just ended, and this week is already gone???
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