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Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Mark has strep throat and an ear infection. And it looks like my mom caught it from him, because she has it too! Fortunately, Lauren and I both seem to have missed it. Thank goodness! Mark and Lauren stayed home today, because I had to go to Louisville early this morning for a meeting. I was supposed to meet the guy to transfer the title on the car late this afternoon, but that all fell through. When I called him to confirm that we were meeting, he said that they had changed their minds. He said it's just more work than they want to put into a car right now. I can see his point. The brakes need to be checked - I think they've rusted because the car has been sitting still for so long, because they were fine before the accident a few months ago. Plus there's the slight body damage from the wreck, new headlight, and the line to the windshield washer fluid was damaged in the accident, so it would need to be replaced. He said that they called me over the weekend and left a message, but I never got it. So we're planning to donate the car to Goodwill, where it will do someone some good. With a little work, it's still a great car that will run for years. It's a Toyota, for goodness' sake. As is, it's only worth a few hundred bucks, and donating it to a charity had been our original plan anyway. On the plus side, it meant that I left work early, so I was able to come on home and spend some time with L. Always a good thing . . . Mark told me the cutest story about Lauren today. She is really into Clifford lately, so I picked up some character band-aids for her. Now she occasionally says that she has an owie and needs a band-aid, just because she wants one. She pointed out an imaginary place on her arm that needed one, and Mark said "No, you don't have an owie." Now I usually just give her one, because she only does this every few days, and she just wants one. Band-aids aren't that expensive. But Mark said no. He said he was watching her out of the corner of his eye, and she immediately threw herself on the floor - hard, then looked up at him and said "I felled - I need a band-aid!" He said it was tough to get the band-aid out of the box and open it because he was laughing so hard. Of course, now we have rewarded her for injuring herself intentionally. She'll definitely be in therapy by the time she's a teenager. And I am so very happy to be off tomorrow, and spending the day at Posh. Mark gave me a day there as my birthday present. It's a great time, and very relaxing. I'll get a facial, massage, lunch, manicure, pedicure, hairstyling, and makeup. 5 1/2 hours of people working to make me look and feel good. If I ever were to play (and win!) the lottery, I'd spend much more time having massages and facials, that's for sure. By the end of the day, I'll be ready to go out to dinner with my wonderful husband to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday.
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