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Saturday, April 19, 2003
Way cool garage sale. We sold almost everything, most of it by 8:15! Despite my best efforts, it started early. I went out to move the cars from the driveway about 7:30, and when I got back in, there were three people in the garage. It was packed - there wasn't even room to walk, but there they were. I don't even know where in the world they came from - there was no one around when I went out to move the cars, and I only moved them about 20 feet. Maybe they flew in, I don't know. It was cool though. We made around $300 bucks, not including my old car! I put a "For Sale" sign in it since we'd be having so many people, but I didn't really expect anyone to actually buy it. But someone did. I'm meeting him Tuesday afternoon to transfer the title. I'm happy to get it out of my driveway. And soon, we'll be able to put both cars in the garage again. It was a good day. Just got back from the Easter fun at the park up the street. Some church put it on - they had temporary tattoos, face painting, balloon animals (Lauren chose a butterfly), a couple of huge inflated play sets, treat bags, and an Easter egg hunt, which we missed. Also there were pony rides, clowns, magicians, and jugglers. We missed those, because L didn't wake up from her nap until 2:15 and it takes her a while to get moving. The event was from 1 - 3, so we missed a lot of it. But she had a big time. Once it ended, we played on the slides for a while, and now she's having snack. She's content. We got two of the cutest anniversary cards from Carol - thanks, babe!!! You're the greatest best friend a girl could have. Mark is feeling much better, and I think we may actually go out tonight. He never did get up last night, and although he didn't get a lot of sleep from tossing and turning, his fever has broken and he seems ok. I think I'll believe him, because he looks like he feels 100% better. He sent me a dozen of the most beautiful tulips I've ever seen, for our anniversary. He is so sweet. Yippeee! Life is good . . .
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