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Friday, May 09, 2003
Aaggghh. Work is killing me. This FLSA project is impossible. I have to design and develop a web-based training for 6,500 staff, followed by 4 teleconferences. By the third week of June. With no content. This is not even remotely possible. And just last week, the boss' boss was saying how hard it is to develop WBT - she read that it takes 80 hours of work to create one hour of WBT. Umm, do the math, psycho! I think it's a trap - I'm starting to think I'm being set up to fail with this one. Plus my several other major projects are all happening now too, and just my regular workload. And the stress of moving is not helping the situation one bit. The boss' boss and her boss pulled some good cop/bad cop crap on a very nice girl at work yesterday, and made her cry. I work with such nice people. She was in tears for an hour, and she didn't do anything wrong in the least. She requested approval to spend funds allocated in her budget to hold a meeting for 75 people. And she was threatened with dismissal if this "offense" occurred again. Mind you, she didn't spend any money - she asked for approval to spend her money from the budget. On the plus side, I'm feeling better, the carpet got pushed back a week, and we're going to go look at some houses next week on our lunch hour. This is good. There are actually some interesting looking homes in Frankfort, the big city (ha). Well, at least it's the good part, and it's a break from working on our house.
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