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Wednesday, May 07, 2003
I really hate it when I type up a long update post and my computer and/or Blogger.com freezes up. I lost the whole thing, but I'll try to recreate it.
The biggest thing going on is the house. We will probably put it on the market at the end of next week. The carpet should be installed on Wednesday, we'll get a cleaning service out here on Thursday, and be ready to list the house with the incredible Lynn on Friday or Saturday. We've been working like mad - finished the flooring in the two downstairs baths, and still need to do the utility room. I need to call the electrician/plumber guy and get him out here to fix some of the few pesky things that don't bother us, but would likely bother potential buyers. Like the drippy kitchen faucet. We're packing up lots of stuff and out of season items, storing them in the garage and in a storage unit we rented in Frankfort. Once we list our house, we'll start looking for a new house. There would be nothing worse than finding a great house now and not being in a position to make an offer on it. I have no idea how quickly our house will sell. Around here, some sell within a few days, and others stay on the market forever. I think those must be overpriced or something, because this is a pretty hot area of town. Mark is obsessing over mortgages and money, and driving me a little bit nuts.
I'm home from work today - I started a little stomach bug this morning right as I was getting ready to walk out the door. Oddly, everyone I've talked to so far today has suggested that maybe I'm pregnant. The answer to that is no. I think that our friends and family are starting to worry whether or not we'll have another, since Lauren will be three in September. News Flash: I don't know either, folks. We pretty much hit the mega-jackpot the first time anyway, what more do you want???
Mark's mom gave us a scare last night. She left a few days ago to drive up to Iowa to see her family. She's made this trip before, and usually checks in with us frequently - but not last night. We got a call from Kirsten, Mark's sister, around 10:45 pm. She had a message on her answering machine that was from their mom. All she said was "I'm in trouble", then nothing. We tried her mobile and got voice mail. Mark then thought to call his grandmothers to see if they had talked to his mom. She was at Mark's paternal grandmother's house and fine, thank goodness - she was trying to leave Kirsten a message that she was having trouble with her cell phone reception, but didn't get the thought out before her phone cut off. Nothing like a little adrenaline rush right before bedtime.
Tiger, one of our cats, is very sick. He's had chronic renal failure for 6 years, and we've given him subcutaneous fluids at home once a week for most of that time. He hates it, but it's better than driving to the vet once a week - he hates that even more. But now he's developed hyperthyroidism, which is damaging his heart. I have to give him pills every night to try to stabilize him so that we can explore treatment options. I'm worried about the little guy . . .
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