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Friday, May 02, 2003
OK, I actually have a minute for the first time in a week. We've been working on the house every night to get it ready to put on the market, and it's about killing me. We've pulled up carpet, scraped up the padding adhesive, cleaned and primed the concrete underneath, and started laying new flooring in the two downstairs baths. We still need to start on the laundry room. We've gotten an estimate on carpet for the rest of the house except for the kitchen and the upstairs bath. Boy, that's expensive. And the part that's tough to take is that we won't even be here to enjoy it! Actually, the truly tough to take part is my knee. I can't really stay down on the floor for that long. I keep forgetting that, and as a result, my poor, old, arthritic, acts-up-when-it's-raining knee is extremely sore. Work is insane too. I got another major project, and I have a meeting with a guy from the feds here in Lexington on Monday morning. I'm to design and develop an online training about the Fair Labor Standards Act, and get it out to all 6,000+ staff. Fun fun fun. Actually, it may be. The content will probably be a snooze, but it will be an interesting challenge to try to make it interactive and borderline interesting. Of course, it would be easier if the Cabinet had the technological infrastructure to support some of the cool stuff that we can do. But, unfortunately, that's not the case. So it will be a little test of my creativity, courtesy again of my boss' boss' boss. When I found out about this one, I sent her a message apologizing for whatever I did to piss her off. I don't know what it was, but I think she's trying to kill me with work. She sent back nice words, which just meant the world to me. Not. This working all day and half the night bit sucks. Oh yeah, and throw in trying to entertain a toddler without resorting to Clifford, Big Bird, and The Wiggles as babysitters. But she is adorable. Mark brought her home today, and we were going out to dinner. He told her that they were going to pick Mommy up, and go to a restaurant to eat supper. She looked confused, and said "I not pick up Mommy. Mommy is big, I'm little!" She also told me some big long story the other day, and I asked her a question about it. She said "Mommy, I'm using my mag - magi - magination!" I laughed and asked her what that meant, and she told me it was stories in her head. She's two and a half - how does she even know that word, let alone it's basic meaning?
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