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Friday, June 13, 2003
Later this afternoon, we're going to pick out the cabinets and such. Tomorrow morning, we're going to pick out all the flooring. We've pretty much decided to upgrade as much as we can afford, since we'll be in this house for a while - now's the time to get the good stuff. But ouch - I bet the flooring will be expensive. We want (I want?) wood or laminate in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and in the upstairs hall. I'd love to have the whole place done in wood flooring, but I know that would be pretty steep. I also need to figure out how I'm going to furnish this place! I know that one of the downstairs bedrooms is going to be my studio, and one of them will be "Mark's room". The other will be a guest room, since there's a full bath down there. We don't have too many guests, mostly Carol, and she's not picky. But it would be a little quieter. We're thinking about screening in the bottom deck, to have a bug free zone. That would be nice - I hate mosquitos. Decisions, decisions. This flooring thing has me worried - it's a lot of pressure to make good decisions rapidly. We won't be replacing the flooring for a long time, we hope, so we'll have to live with these choices for some time. Eeek. Now I'm making myself nervous about it all. I'll quit thinking about it and take one step at a time. I will also furnish it a little bit at a time, to avoid giving Mark a heart attack. Now, aren't I nice???
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