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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
I went to a DreamWeaver MX training in Lexington yesterday. It was pretty cool stuff. Mark makes fun of WYSIWYG programs like DreamWeaver. He's a true geek and prefers to write his own code. La dee dah. I'm trying to finish creating a course in BlackBoard this morning, but the trainer has given me almost no content. So it will be a pretty shell for not much of anything. I don't know why I bother. At 11:00, I'm going to the meeting about the job. Not sure it's going to work out, though, because it's a state job. Right now there's a hiring freeze on, and only internal mobility positions are being filled. So only current state employees can move into these positions. I am not a state employee, so I'm not sure if I'll even be able to apply for this job if it sounds good. My contact did send me a job description, and it's all very possible for me. But I'm betting that the pay would be significantly lower than my current salary. We'll see. After that, I'm having lunch with my friend Rich, and then going to the office (eek, yuck) for a while to work on some things I can only do on the network. I did find out yesterday that the University president has decided to close early tomorrow to give staff early holiday time. Yay for her! Of course, that means rescheduling a meeting that was supposed to take place at 9:00 in Richmond. Not much point in driving down there to meet for an hour and then leaving because the University is closing at 11:00. But it's an early holiday anyway. I'm looking forward to Turkey Day. I love all the food. It's family traditions and history all wrapped up in edible bites. Plus it will be yummy!
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