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Friday, November 21, 2003
Well, I'm going to try to do better about blogging. I know that only a few people actually read this page, but it's still pretty cathartic to get it out of my head. Lots of times if I write something down, I can obsess about it a little bit less. Aren't I odd? Here's a bit of good news. Yesterday, out of the blue, I got an e-mail from someone about a possible job. We're going to meet next week to discuss it in general. I have no idea what the job is, the pay, or anything. The person who contacted me works for another agency and is someone I've worked with before on projects. As Mark said last night "it feels good to be headhunted, doesn't it?" The answer is yes, even if this job doesn't appeal to me, the pay is too low, it's not a good fit, or whatever. It does still feel good to be seen as competent and a potential asset. Plus here's some karma for you - I was headhunted into my current employment - I wasn't looking back in '97 but have been here for 6 years now. Maybe I should always consider the offer if I'm headhunted. Despite recent events & stresses, my current job has been a great experience overall. I'm getting ready to head to the dentist and then the hospital for my brother's surgery. I'm not as nervous as everyone else seems to be about it. I mean, it's Scott. He's indestructible. Isn't he??? Mom, Dad, Mark, and my sis-in-law Julie are all nervous as cats about it though. Maybe that should tell me something. But I've decided to go Scarlett today, and ignore that which I cannot control. Tomorrow is another day and all that. Ta ta.
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