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Friday, December 12, 2003
I was doing a training on e-learning this week with one of our consultants who comes to us several times a year from her home in Denver. First of all, Lynn is terrific, and great fun to work with, so I had a good week (all things considered). One of the things she mentioned in her training of our trainers was the importance of visual learning. Her background is in primary education, so she uses numerous examples from public schools. We took a little detour from the lesson plan for this training to discuss art education. She mentioned a curriculum that's used in Denver, and has had amazing results. She had bought the book by the woman who developed this method, and had dramatically improved her own artistic skills. We got back to our topics for that segment of the training, and moved on. One of our trainers was doing some holiday shopping that evening, and found the book that Lynn had referenced at Joseph-Beth (love that place). We looked through it at breaks and lunch, and it was pretty amazing. So of course I stopped off at Barnes & Noble tonight and bought the book. I can't wait to really get into the depths of this book. I think it will help me, but I want to work with Lauren more on her artistic side. She loves to draw and color, but gets frustrated when her hands won't draw what she sees in her mind. This looks like it will help her. And to be able to help her learn to draw - what a gift! I was also in Poor Richard's Books (love that place too!) here in Frankfort the other day, and bought this book. If you are a parent, I dare you to read it without crying. Even Lauren got teary when we read it last night.
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