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Monday, December 15, 2003
Lauren was so excited by the snow this weekend that we decided we didn't much care if we froze. We went outside anyway. Mark was shoveling the driveway yesterday (Lauren was "helping"), and Lauren noticed our neighbors come outside. Krishna was shoveling their driveway, and Pranay, who just turned four, was "helping". Anyone who has, or had, or has ever been around a toddler for more than 5 minutes knows why the word helping is in quotes. Lauren wanted Pranay to come down and play in the snow, so we walked up and invited him. Our driveway is short, so Mark finished quickly and went to help Krishna with his larger driveway. Without supervision, the kids and I rapidly got into a massive snowball fight, with the kids ganging up on me and shouting "Take that!" in maniacal voices (complete with evil superhero-type giggles) every time they threw a snowball at me. I gave as good as I got, and we all had the giggles. We also made a cute little snowman. I walked the kids up to Pranay's house so that their daddies could watch them, and I could fix them some hot chocolate. I had heated the kettle before we went outside, and had it warming on the stove - aren't I a good mommy, planning ahead like that? (OK, so it was random chance that I thought of it! But still, I want some credit for good mommy-ing.) They drank up the hot chocolate, because they were pretty cold by that time. Then we played a bit more and went in. Mark and I were laughing because when we came in, we turned on the fireplace, hung our wet things up to dry, and had some hot chocolate. It was so Norman Rockwell. Mark joked that we might as well start voting Republican, but I convinced him that the cold had frozen his brain. Yes, we did freeze our asses off, but it was absolutely worth it. Lauren woke up this morning talking about going outside to build another, bigger snowman.
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