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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
Ya know, Lauren's day care had a float in the Holiday Parade last night. I have never seen a more supportive crowd, or a more poorly organized parade. I didn't know this small town had that many people, but it was packed. They didn't give out the float numbers until participants arrived. Slight problem - no parking anywhere near the float area, so we're taking turns carting a 40 plus pound toddler on a hike up hill. Next slight problem - the floats were not in order. Once we finally located Southern's float, 15 minutes before the parade was to start, we discovered that we were number 44 out of 82. But number 67 was in front of us, and number 23 was behind us. Huh???? The problem with that is that they were trying to get everyone in order. It was too late, and too crowded to move the floats. I don't know why they didn't just go with whatever order everyone was already in. Mom and Dad came up to eat a bite with us and watch the parade. I asked one of the organizers if the parade would start on time. This was at about 5 minutes until 7:00. He said the first floats were getting ready to roll. So I called Mom & Dad, who were waiting in the car with the heat on. It was 25 degrees last night. They walked up to the parade route, and waited. And waited. And waited. Turns out the organizer lied to me completely. The first float didn't start on the parade route until about 7:40. In the meantime, our kids were getting really bored and really cold, despite the electric blankets they had on the float. We finally started moving a few feet at a time. Of course, Lauren got upset about something and I leaned in to calm her down. In a fairly slapstick moment, my necklace got caught on one of the decorations, the float started moving, and I realized just a tad too late that my foot was in the path of the tires. So my toes were run over by the float (ouch, by the way, but not broken) and I managed to break one of the decorations before the parade even began. I kept up for a while, but then dropped out when we got to Mom & Dad. By that time, Lauren was walking with her daddy, and she wanted to stop too. All in all, it was an adventure. But my foot still hurts . . .
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