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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Heh. What a wasted day, with a funny. Mark and Lauren had appointments this afternoon with our dentist. I was driving up to Lexington to meet them, so that I could help keep an eye on Lauren in case she got antsy during Mark's time in the chair. We decided to kill a few birds with one stone, and drop off Mom's birthday present, water their plants, and donate our old Neon to Goodwill while we were in Lexington. But . . . fate intervened. The Neon didn't make it to Lexington. I got stuck several times just outside of Versailles, and finally it quit for good, blocking traffic. (By the way, what is it with people? I was in a turn lane, because there was nowhere to get off the road. I had my hazards on. Why did people keep pulling up behind me, then getting pissed off because I didn't move?? Pay attention, people!!!) Mark arrived on his white horse (ok, in the Saturn) with Lauren. He waited with the car for the tow truck, and was planning to have it towed to Goodwill. But, Goodwill only accepts donations of drivable cars, so ours didn't qualify. In the meantime, Lauren and I went off to her first dentist appointment. She did really well for her first time! No screaming, no crying, opened her mouth to have her teeth counted, let the hygienist polish her teeth until she got a good taste of the toothpaste. Then she was done. Covered her little mouth with her hands and when Dr. Tom came in and asked if he could count her teeth, she said "No, thank you". Very politely, but with a serious look behind it. We picked up Mark, who was by now at the dealership with the car. We had to pay to have the car towed, and we'll have to pay to get the car running, so that we can donate it to charity. Huh? The road to hell and all that. I mean, I totally understand it from the charity's point of view - they're not a repository for junkers. But from our point of view, it kind of sucks. Now for the funny. After a nice dinner in Lexington, we came home. We never did get Mom's present dropped off or her plants watered, and they'll be home Saturday night or Sunday morning. So that's more time off work to drive down there again tomorrow. I still feel like crap, so I was resting in our bedroom once we got home. I thought Mark was in the living room with Lauren. Actually, he was moving a few things around in the garage since we only have two cars now and both can actually live inside. One slight problem. He had given Lauren her safety scissors and some fabric & paper because she likes to cut them up. I only let her use the scissors if I'm in the same room with her. Can anyone guess what's coming next? Anyone? Bueller? Yes, that's right, Lauren decided to give herself a haircut. I started wondering where everyone was, wandered in the living room to find out, and found some scraps of fabric on the floor. And hunks of blonde hair, too. It's not too bad, but enough that I'll need to take her for a haircut tomorrow to even it out. She probably cut off about two inches on the left side. I guess some parents would be upset with that, but it's so three year old behavior!!! Plus it's our own damn fault for not supervising her when she has the scissors. We were laughing, but trying really hard not to laugh in front of her. If we did, she'd end up giving herself a mohawk, because she loves to get snaps for being funny. At least I've collected yet another story to torture her with as a teen . . .
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