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Sunday, January 11, 2004
I swear to God, I have the coolest kid ever. She is just so much fun! We went to the Lexington Children's Museum today, and had a blast. She especially loves the bubble room and the shadow maker. When we were leaving, I ran down the block to Starbucks to get a chai for the road. When I got up to the car in the parking garage, she was strapped in her car seat, and held out her arms to me. I opened the back door to give her a hug, and she gave me the sweetest hug ever and a kiss on the cheek. She leaned her little head on my shoulder for a second and whispered "Thank you, Mommy, I had fun!" She's freaking three. What three year old even thinks of saying "thank you" to her parents for something like that? She's easily the best kid ever. Smart, sweet, funny, strong, kind, beautiful, happy, polite, generous, sunny . . . Aww, I'm getting all mushy now (and most of both my readers know that's rare). Off to bed for me!
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