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Monday, January 12, 2004
I thought this was amusing.

What Famous Leader Are You?
Ooh, important disclaimer: I think this is fairly accurate, surprisingly - I mean, these quizzes are just for fun. But hell, I am a do-gooder, and I used to be called emaciated (amazing what pregnancy will do to ya, even three years later; I will probably never get my pre-baby body back). But don't worry too much about the "Morals matter to you" phrase. My own morals do matter to me, my own sense of right, wrong, & fair play. But not as in the GOP/Christian Right . . . Ewwwwwww. Your own morals are your own business, unless they infringe on mine. As far as I'm concerned, consenting adults can do whatever they want, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else.
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