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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
I'm frustrated. I just got back from several meetings at the office. First of all, I hate going up there. Parking is a bitch, and I have to walk forever just to get into the building. Then walk another mile (seems like, anyway) to get to our offices. We have to borrow a conference room from another section, because we don't have our own. They were bitching because they said we were being too loud. Umm, we're just talking, not doing the rumba back here! Anyway, in 2 out of the 3 meetings, I came out with tons of work with short deadlines. The second meeting was the funniest, in a sick sort of sense. The trainer was to provide me with some content to create an ongoing 360 degree survey of around 50 questions. There will be three different groups taking this survey each month (peers, supervisor, and direct reports) about each supervisor in the training, and the reports will need to be broken down for these three different recipient groups. That way, the subject/trainee will be able to see an evaluation of their work style and effectiveness as seen by their staff, their peers, and their supervisor(s). They'll do their own self-assessment as well, at the face-to-face training. There will be about 25 - 40 participants/subjects per month in this training, and each will probably end up with 15 - 20 surveys about their performance. So that's anywhere between 375 - 800 surveys per month. Considering low response rates, I'm guessing around 250 - 500 surveys will come to me each month. I'll need to add some bells & whistles to the survey template ("make it look nice", she said), and create a back-end database to manage the results. Also develop a process to merge all these surveys! She hasn't finished creating the freaking questions yet! But it's ok, she says, because that won't take her long and she can get it to me just as soon as I need it. I asked when she wants this to start going out to the survey-takers. She said Monday. As in this coming Monday. I said, umm, ok, then I'll need the final version today or tomorrow at the very latest, in order to do what I need to do. She said, "I'm going to Bowling Green this afternoon, and I'll be back Thursday night. This stuff is on my home computer, so it will be Friday before I can start working on it. But I'll get it to you Friday morning, for sure. Oh, wait, I have a meeting in Louisville Friday morning. So it will be at least Friday afternoon before . . . ." You get the picture. But she still wants everything ready to go out Monday or Tuesday at the latest???? She actually said to me: "Well, it can't take that long to set up, the hardest part is creating all the questions." I said "OK, then you create the database and manage the process!" Which was much more professional than what I wanted to say. She didn't like that idea, though . . . . I wonder what my weekend will be like??? Grrrrrrr.
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