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Friday, January 16, 2004
No posts lately, I've been swamped. Work is killing me this week, and this weekend will too. I would thank the gods that Monday is a holiday, except that I'll probably be working anyway. Can't wait to try to get work accomplished with a three year old in the house. Mark's going to occupy her as much as he can, but it will still mean doing the lion's share of the work after she goes to bed. She's on a mommy kick at the moment. More night terrors last night. She had been doing better with that in the last week or so. She had a little cold, which meant she wasn't getting into a very deep sleep because of her cough. I thought maybe we had gotten through it. But last night, at 11:30, it was back, punctuated by a blood-curdling scream. Then again at 5ish. There is absolutely nothing worse than seeing my kiddo terrified, eyes wide open, screaming and crying hysterically for mommy to help her (literally, "Mommy, please help me"), staring right at me but not knowing I'm there. There was nothing in the world I wanted more than to comfort her, and I couldn't help her. I hate night terrors. Today I'll be swamped, whenever I get the data from the stupid trainer. She e-mailed me last night, but about other stuff. Hello? I'm going to be spending my weekend working on your crap. Think you could take a couple of hours in the evening to get it to me? Guess not. On the upside, I'm going to try to reach Katie when she gets home from school to see if she can sit for us tonight or tomorrow night. Mark insists that we need an evening out, and he's right. I've been so stressed lately (lately? Last several months, more like), I could use an evening out. Mark had to work late last night - didn't get home until around 8. But Lauren and I had fun. She "helped" me cook dinner, then we made cookies and decorated them. I'm an excellent cook and baker, but I typically have a hard time with cut-out cookies - the dough is usually either too sticky or too dry. These worked great, though. They're yummy too . . .
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