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Monday, February 16, 2004
So I'm off work today. Just vegging around the house, trying to find something unproductive to do. I think it's one of my new goals (belated New Year's Resolutions??) to reduce the amount of time that I work. I have workaholic tendencies, and I'm trying to stop it. No news is good news on the job front - haven't heard a thing. And Mark asks me at least a couple of times a day if I've heard anything. Ummm, dear, if I hear, you'll be the second person to know, right after me. One bit of good news, a friend of my dad's is a head honcho with the Mental Health/Mental Retardation Board, and knows of some new state jobs. He offered to help me by letting me know who to contact. I'm going to go on and send him a copy of my resume, because the writing is clearly on the wall. Legible, even. I was telling Dad that I've always been loathe to trade on his connections, but the situation is different now. I have a house payment to make, a child to support and raise, and I can't be out of work. I don't for a minute think that Dad's name would get me a job, but it will get my foot in the door for consideration. There was a time that I wouldn't have considered that. Times change. I also feel that I've established myself in the professional world, and can travel on my own merits. But I need a foothold, and I'm smart enough to recognize that fact. But I don't have to like it. We had a good weekend - Mark worked most of it, but still. I'm reminded why I'm not a stay at home mother. I love that child more than anything, more than air. But 24/7 child care gets to me. She's been fussy about going to sleep (still), so it's like a 2 hour process to get her down for the night. Then she wakes up in the middle of the night anyway. Sometimes she says that she has nightmares, sometimes she's afraid of the dark. I don't know what the problem is, but it's getting old. We went to Lori-Lyn's birthday party yesterday - that was fun. Lots of cute kiddos wandering about, too. I was laughing because I hadn't actually seen LL in 3 years, but we "talk" all the time online. Life is funny. Of course, we all know that I'm an antisocial creature, but still. That is kind of sad. Amy was there too, but couldn't stay long so I didn't have time to catch up with her too much. I started to do the math to figure out how long I'd known them, but it scares me. Can I really have known Lori-Lyn, Amy, Carol Ann, and several others for 27 years? Can that possibly be right??? My former mother-in-law is in the hospital in Lex - she had a triple bypass on Thursday. Apparently, she's doing really well, but my freaking ex-husband hasn't called me back to give me an update in a couple of days. Why I oughta . . . I'd like to know if Ella is doing well enough that I could go visit her. She's an absolute sweetie, and I miss seeing her. I know I could go say hi anytime I want and her door will always be open to me, but the situation is just a bit weird. I did take Lauren over there to meet her once when she was a baby, and it was kind of . . . odd to sit there with my child, who isn't her grandchild. I can only presume that the thought crossed her mind as well. Mark's never met her, but I think they'd get along really well. I think my dad's starting to get nervous about his hip replacement in a couple of months. Mom too. Hell, me too. I mean, the man is 71, even though neither of my parents "act their age". I don't like to think about it, and therefore will stop now.
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