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Thursday, February 26, 2004
Someone over at WWdN mentioned yesterday that they were making soft pretzels. Then last night I went to the UK game with my cousin Tracy (had a blast and one surreal experience - see below). I saw several people eating soft pretzels, but was too lazy to go get one. So ever since, I've been wanting one. Since there's no mall in this godforsaken little town, I don't know of any place to buy one here. Plus I don't feel like going out in the cold. Voila!!!!! Now I must make some this afternoon, I have everything called for in the recipe. Oh, yeah, the surreal experience. Tracy goes to most/all of the home games, and with season tickets you see the same people every time for the most part. At one point, an older lady sitting in front of Tracy looked at me and said, "You're Jill, aren't you?" Now, I've never seen this lady in my life. I said yes, smiled, nodded, all that stuff you do when you have no idea who in the hell you're talking to. It was loud, so I didn't really have a chance to say much. A few minutes later, I asked Tracy if she knew who it was, but she didn't know them. A bit later the husband turns around to say hello to me. Remember how I sent my resume to that friend of my dad's last week? Yep, it was him and his wife. Caught me totally off guard and I probably seemed like an idiot, but really, what in the hell are you supposed to say in that sort of situation? Ehhh, oh well. Hmmmm, come to think of it, how did she know who I was in a crowd of 24,000 people? I mean, I presume that strangers don't often go up to random women, guess their names, and get it right. So seriously, how did she know who I was?
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