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Friday, February 13, 2004
Such a nice husband I have. The doorbell rang a little while ago - it was the ups man. Big box. Turned out to be a dozen red roses and a box of Godiva chocolates, addressed to Lauren and me. So I put some flowers in a vase for me, and some in a vase for her, from her daddy. She'll love them. And the chocolates - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree on that one. My favorite part of it? The roses actually have a scent. Have you noticed in recent years that purchased roses rarely have a scent? Must be some genetic engineering to have vibrant color and last longer. Or something. I'm in the middle of making marshmallow pops for the Valentine's party at Lauren's school this afternoon. They're turning out well. Then tonight, two of the teachers volunteered to babysit at the center for free, so that parents can go out and celebrate V Day. Very nice of them. They won't accept payment, but I'm going to get gift certificates to a spa here for each of them. Not a huge amount, but enough to get a manicure or something. Then they can't turn it down. I'm sneaky that way. Lauren came home from school the other day with a love note from, as she said, her "boyfriend". Eeeek. It's that Chris again. They've had an on again, off again thing ever since Lauren transitioned to the 3 year old class. He's an older man - he's in the 4 year old class, getting ready to move into the 5s. But all three of those groups are in one big room, separated by half walls, so they all spend lots of time together. What's that? I heard something . . . I can just barely make it ou . . . What do you mean the apple doesn't fall far from the tree????? Now is that nice?? Just kidding, I'm in a silly mood today. I'm not really trying to raise a hussy, but this is her second boyfriend. At the age of 3. First there was Gage, now there's Chris. It's all very amusing. Oh, and I'd like to publicly thank Lori-Lyn for not only making me hungry frequently, with her amazingly descriptive posts about yummy food, but also for making me become addicted to Diet Coke with Lime. Damn you, LL. I am fairly sure that one day scientists will discover some addictive substance in that stuff.
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