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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Boy, the hospital here kind of sucks. Yesterday, the pediatrician's office asked us if we would mind dropping L's sample off at the lab, which is located in the hospital. By the time I went to check out and pay for the office visit, some fool in the back had thrown out the specimen. Idiots. Also, we weren't able to see her regular ped, and I did not like the doctor that we saw. Zero bedside manner, and he had no intention of actually talking to Lauren, or telling her what he was going to do. Until I pushed it, that is. I don't think he much likes me either, but me no care. Back when we lived in civilization, our ped always took care of these things for us. If anything needed to be analyzed by a lab, we didn't have anything to do with it. Frankly, I have better things to do than carry cups of pee all over town. So this morning, L had to pee in a cup again. She was not amused. As soon as she left for school, I left to head over to the hospital. I'm thinking, drop it off, maybe sign a paper or two, be done with it. That was certainly the impression that the ped's office left me with. Uh-uh. Not quite. I had never been to the hospital before, so I didn't have a clue where the lab would be. I walked in the front door and found the information desk. Of course, there was no one there. There was a sign, however, which indicated that visitors should use the map posted beside the information desk. There was no laboratory listed on the map. I began randomly wandering around the first floor, looking for a sign, or for a helpful seeming human to ask. Finally, there it was - a big sign that read Laboratory. So in I walk, with a cup of pee and an order from the ped. I waited for a few minutes. No one was around, except for the ones who were rushing in and out, busily ignoring me. There was a sign on the desk (print side down, natch) that said if no one was available, pick up the phone and it would automatically dial the back, someone would be there shortly to assist me, blah blah blah. So I gave that a shot. Nope, no one came. Finally, someone turned up, grabbed the specimen from me, and told me that I'd have to go to Registration first. I told her I'd never been there before, and could she direct me. Big sigh . . . "There are signs - it's down the hallway." Gee, thanks, lady, that was helpful. So I actually did find Registration without too much difficulty, and waited in line to get a beeper. Just like in a restaurant! Interesting method, I thought. Waiting , waiting . . . Finally my beeper flashes at me, and I'm referred to the second window. That part went fairly quickly, except she didn't like it that I didn't know Lauren's SSN. Sue me, chick, I can barely remember my own. She got over it. Back to the lab, with an official blue folder this time. The same lady was actually sitting at the desk, took my blue folder, and thanked me. I found the front door again, and made my escape. I sure do hope that no one pours it out before the tests are done. I don't think L will go for the novelty of peeing in a cup for a third time.
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