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Monday, March 15, 2004
Damn. I love it when I have lots of ideas for painting, but in a way it makes me tired. Ever since L's room was finished, I've been finalizing plans in my mind. For her bathroom, a periwinkle, just between purple and blue. For the front bedroom, a yellowish apple green. The exact color of a Granny Smith. For our bedroom, several shades of camel and brown with splashes of brick red. Our bath - a lighter rosy color in the same palette as the red of the bedroom. The dining room is done, thank goodness. The guest room downstairs - a bright sunny yellow with accents of blue. The downstairs bath, a coppery terra cotta color. The family room downstairs - a light to medium rich blue shade with one wall consisting of horizontal stripes of varying widths and shades of blue with a few stripes of black. My studio will stay white, and I'm not touching Mark's office downstairs. The living room will stay cream for now, until we decide to pay someone (who owns scaffolding) to paint it a warmer color. I haven't decided on finishes for most rooms yet. Some will be straight paint, and some will be faux finished. Like the kitchen. Oh, the kitchen. It will be venetian plaster in a lovely rich shade of blue. Like this: I swear to God, Mark's going to kill me.
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