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Monday, March 29, 2004
Good heavens, what a busy weekend we have had. On Friday, my folks had Lauren for the day, and I was in an all-day meeting in Richmond. I swear, that was the hottest room in the history of the world, and there were way too many people in it. There were about 60 in a room meant for 40, and I got so hot I got cold, which was a little bit odd. It was to the point that I felt ill for the rest of the day. We all met up at Mom and Dad's, along with my brother and sister-in-law and their two kids. We let the three little ones play outside and wear themselves out. On Saturday morning, I finally finished installing the undercabinet lighting in the kitchen, and changed the light fixture in the master bath. Mark's mom took Lauren for the afternoon, and he and I headed to the nursery, then spent the afternoon planting Eskimo Viburnum, 2 china hollies (a boy and a girl), tricolor sage in the herb area, Miss Kim lilac, and 3 coreopsis. Also cutting back the fountain grass, clearing out old growth on the perennial herbs. Oh, and I planted some seeds for milkweed (necessary for monarch butterflies to survive) and some various flowers in a big terra cotta planter that I put on the front porch. Also did a strawberry jar with some everbearing strawberry plants for the front porch. Yesterday, we got up and worked outside in the morning. Lauren "helped" weed-and-feed the lawn, and helped me water all the new plants. She was very excited about the strawberry jar, and the coreopsis, because it has some preblooms on it. It should flower within a few weeks. Ditto for the lilac - it's in bud. The tulips are just about to bloom, any second now, and she keeps checking them every day. At lunch time, I ran her through Arby's and she ate in the car on the way to Lexington (do I lose Mommy points for that? To me it's akin to eating dinner on tv trays). Mom and I painted their kitchen while Dad kept Lauren entertained outside. She did "help" for a while, though, and was proud of herself. It was just a beautiful day! Mark was still working on the yard, but came up and met us later for supper. Dad and I took apart a crib that they had used at their house for the kids, but is no longer needed. Then I dropped off a birthday gift for Pat, ran to Target to return a broken clock and get a new one, and finally headed home. I am tired. And today, I will water the new plants, and work. Overall, I preferred the weekend to the weekday rat race. But there's no choice, I have projects to finish.
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