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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
I'm thinking that 3 ½ is perhaps too young to understand the importance of wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. I was trying to find something green for L to wear this morning, and she picked up a turquoise turtleneck. I was telling her that it was blue, and we needed something green. She insisted it was green. I looked at her askance, I suppose, because she looked at me very seriously and said "Mommy, it's green because I say it's green!" The minds of toddlers . . . I was satisfied with green socks. Yes, I know, green socks and a turquoise shirt, so sue me. She won't be on the best-dressed toddler list, I don't care. I explained to her that if a person isn't wearing green today, they could get a pinch. "Oh no, Mommy, the teachers won't let us pinch. If you pinch, you get a time out. Daddy will come and pick me up and ask the teachers and they will say 'no pinching'." I ain't arguing with that. She also said this morning that Grammy is going to come and spend the night with us a bunch and paint the whole house and she can help. The child is a constant source of amusement.
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