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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
New radio program starting tomorrow at noon! The O'Franken Factor. I love Al Franken. Take that, Fox! It's only in limited markets or on XM radio so far, but you can listen to the streaming audio online. Details here and here. More interesting sites, just to waste time. Bored.com, and from there Mystical Ball, Jigsawland, and Web Crosswords. And if you're like me and your house is typically a bit of a mess, check out FlyLady. Can you tell I don't feel like working today??? Edit - the above links on the Al Franken show are now the same. I guess they are redirecting to the one page, so don't be confused. Unfortunately, there isn't any info that's really useful on that page. I hope it changes before noon, so I can get in on the streaming audio action. Btw, I swear it was two separate pages when I posted. My mind isn't that far gone just yet!
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