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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
This just seemed kind of fun . . . Last Kiss: This morning from Mark and Lauren Last Cry: Yesterday Last Library Book Checked Out: Besides books for Lauren, I got several. The one I'm reading now is Blowfly, by Patricia Cornwell Last Movie Seen In a Theatre: Finding Nemo. Before that, The Birdcage. Yes, back in 96 Last Book Read: Besides books for Lauren (!), Presumption of Death by Perri O'Shaughnessy Last Cuss Word Uttered: Fuck Last Beverage Drank: Diet Dr. Pepper Last Food Consumed: a bagel this morning Last Phone Call: Sunday - I hate talking on the phone Last TV Show: This morning, Dragon Tales with Lauren Last Time Showered: This morning Last Shoes Worn: Black boots Last CD Played: Greg Greenway, Singing for the Landlord Last Soda Drank: Diet Dr. Pepper Last Thing Written: This! Last Key Used: ! ok, just kidding, the car keys to move the car into the garage Last Words Spoken: "See you later", to a co-worker this morning after a meeting Last Sleep: Last night Last IM: Yesterday, with Mark Last Ice Cream Eaten: Can't remember, I don't eat a lot of ice cream. Several weeks, anyway. Last Time Wanting to Die: Not for a long, long time, thank goodness Last Lipstick: Don't wear lipstick Last Time Dancing: Last night with Lauren, I don't dance for real Last Show Attended: Ummmm, dunno Last Big Car Ride: Today, driving to & from my meeting Last thing you smelled: Cat litter when emptying the boxes Last Annoyance: Heh, too many to think of. Probably all the political crap at work yesterday. Last Disappointment: Do not hit me, but getting Godiva chocolates instead of See's for Valentine's Day. Yes, I'm that picky. Last Time Scolded: I'm the mom now - who's going to scold me? Last Shirt Worn: Currently wearing a turtleneck with red, black, and camel horizontal stripes. Last Web Site Visited: WWdN, along with my work e-mail accounts. Love tabbed browsing with Firefox. Last song you listened to: Something random that was playing on NPR in the car Last person that made your heart skip a beat: Mark Last movie you watched: The Jungle Book Do we detect a trend here??? Watch it with anyone?: Lauren Last time you went to the mall: I haven't the foggiest idea. Last person you missed: Lauren, as soon as she leaves for school every morning Last CD you Bought: Joss Stone Last beautiful thing you saw: Sunset Please note that I resisted saying Lauren Last lyric stuck in your head: "Look for the bear necessities, the simple bear necessities, forget about your worries and your strife; I mean the bear necessities, the mother nature's recipes, will bring the bear necessities of life!"
Please make that song stop. Maybe I'll pass it on to you, and then I won't have to listen to it rumble through my mind constantly!!!!! That would be sweet.
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