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Thursday, March 18, 2004
Work's been kicking my butt again lately. It seems to come in waves - I'll have days where I have fairly little to do, most days it's a manageable amount, and then there are times like this week and next, when I'm swamped with several major projects all launching at the same time. Blah. I've also been goofing around some with a couple of sweet little programs called The Gimp and Microangelo. The Gimp is open-source, so it's a freebie. It's similar to PhotoShop, which costs several hundred dollars. I'm still learning lots about it. Microangelo is a tool to create icons, like the one I created for this blog. Ya know, that image that shows up in your list of favorites, and in the browser bar? It's free to try for 21 days, and quite easy to use. I'm blabbering on about this, because I'm finally getting serious about a redesign for this blog. I hate using a template that many others have. I want something unique, but I was stuck on inspiration. The solution turned out to be here. Man, there are some gorgeous images and photos there. I'm going to turn one of them into a header for the new version of this blog. But I can't decide which one - there are so many to choose from. Something springy, I suppose. I am so beyond ready for spring to arrive. It freaking snowed yesterday. Now I just have to find the time to do a redesign. It's on my list. It has been fun to play around with The Gimp, though. I used a black and white photo from StockStash, and colorized it. I'm still working on it, but what do you think so far?
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