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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
I just got off the phone with my boss. Fun convo, that. Yesterday, I talked to a couple of my alleged friends at EKU between meetings, just venting a little and blowing off steam. Nothing major, I didn't punch any walls or anything. I just said how pissed off I was that this had happened, and I didn't think it was fair or right, and that the allegations they had heard about my brother were categorically not true (because the rumor mill is revved up and ready to take off). Apparently one of them went running to my boss, all "concerned" about my feelings and my "hostility toward EKU". My boss was also told that I was cussing up a storm, which I wasn't. The person who went to my boss also said they felt very uncomfortable and didn't know how to "handle" me. Well, la dee freaking dah. Let that be a lesson to me. Note to self: Don't think that work people are your friends, will keep conversations private, or will bother to be accurate when they violate your trust. In the annals of poor timing and tactlessness, and knowing what happened to my bro on Monday, let us record that my boss chose yesterday to tell me that I need to spend more regularly scheduled time at EKU, like a couple of days a week. At the place that makes me sick to my stomach. And it's an hour away from my home. And I have no real workstation there, so I can't get any actual, oh, I don't know, work accomplished down there unless I'm in meetings (mind you, not that I think most meetings qualify as work!). I mentioned to her on the phone today that it's possibly not the best use of my time to have me on the road for 2 hours during the work day, going to a place that limits my effectiveness because I don't have my computer and my files there, just so I can sit around and be at EKU on paper, while my work backs up more. She said they were "working on that". Been working on that for 6 months or more, no progress yet. Good times, good times. She backed off the idea of me coming down there more often a bit today, because she was "concerned" about me, and wants to be "supportive". Oh, kiss my ass. I think one of the things that most upsets me is the obviously misguided loyalty I've had toward EKU for the past 17 years. Except for about 5 years, I've been a student at and/or worked for EKU since the ripe old age of 18. I started at TRC as a student worker when I was a freshman. I've defended the University. I've respected the University. I've loved the University. No more.
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