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Thursday, April 01, 2004
I was just IMing with my dear friend Matt, whom we haven't seen in far too long. He worked on the same child protection team as Mark and me, and then moved to Chicago to attend seminary. He's a minister in the UU church now, and I miss him. Plus I think it's really freaky that I have a friend who's a minister. That's funny, considering how I feel about most organized religion. However, the UU church is very cool. If there were one here, that's where we'd attend. It's really the only church I could consider. But, on the plus side, he and his partner may be coming home (well, here, anyway, this isn't where he was raised - it's still got to be home for him in some way dammit) for a visit! Gosh, I hope so. Of course, they would be welcome to stay here, so no lodging costs. Hell, I'll even feed them quite happily, so little to no cost for food. He hasn't even had a chance to meet Lauren yet, which just seems odd to me. I think everyone in the world should have the chance to meet such a great kid. MATT, COME HOME!!!!! Plus I was telling him one of the many cute Lauren stories. So now I'll pester you with it. This morning, while Mark was still getting ready, I got Lauren dressed, hair combed, etc. She wanted to go outside and, as she said, "watch Spring". We sat on the front porch, and she was pointing out the clouds, birds, etc. to me as if they were a totally new thing. I think that's one of the coolest things about being a parent. I get to see the world, new, through her eyes every single day. An ant? Fascinating. Plane trails? Amazing. The sky is blue? Totally incredible. *sigh* It's so much fun.
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