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Saturday, April 03, 2004
More yard work today. Mark's outside mowing the grass for the first time this year, and, I'm sure, rethinking wanting a larger lawn! Lauren helped me put out copper plant markers on all the new plants. I got a great deal on them. I've seen different types for around 12 or 14 bucks for sets of ten, and I found some online for much less. $2.50 for 15! What a steal . . . Of course, Lauren just liked putting them in the ground, not so much near the correct plant, but still. Mark's mom arrived about that time to pick L up for a couple of hours. I have to go over to Home Depot and to the asian market to get some more Indian yummies, and Mark will be a while on the grass. It's always a challenge how to keep her occupied when we both have to do other things. She's really good about staying on the downstairs deck, playing in her sandbox, but we always stay within sight of her, just in case. She is only three, although she seems older most of the time (my dad said last night that talking with her is like conversing with a kid who's 8 or 9, and he's right). On the occasions when we can't keep a close eye on her, it's better to have her with Mark's mom or my folks. She's going to help dig in Grandma D.'s garden - she even took her shovel. Yes, she has her own shovel. It's a beautiful day outside, and we all want to be out in it. Especially since they're talking about snow flurries tomorrow. Come on, Spring!!!! Fickle bitch.
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