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Saturday, April 24, 2004
Ooooh, I forgot to tell you something. With all the madness of the last few days (home, hospital, home, hospital, home, hospital, home, etc.), it slipped my mind. Dad's settled in at Cardinal Hill, and some light PT will begin tomorrow. They'll start working him like a dog on Monday. Hopefully both he and Mom can get some rest now - she's not allowed to stay at CH, so if she can sleep at home that will be good. I tried to get her to come stay with us, but she refused. Stubborn wench. We're taking Little Bit (a.k.a. Lauren) up to see him tomorrow afternoon. Anyway, back on topic - I've mentioned before how freaking crazy some of our management types are. Well, on Tuesday, our Director was summarily fired. The Director and Assistant Director of Personnel showed up at her office around 2:30, talked with her briefly, would not allow her to touch her computer, assisted her in packing up her personal belongings, watched while she filled out her final time sheet, and escorted her from the building. Her e-mail and network user accounts were deleted by the following morning. Now, mind you, this is the same procedure that has been used with other non-merit state employees who have been fired, so it's not unusual that she was escorted from the building immediately. Bad time to be a non-merit employee after a regime change in state government, particularly with close ties to the previous first family like she had. Rose is actually a fairly nice person, just far too political and petty, and in way over her head in that position. She knew literally nothing about training, and hadn't made any effort to actually learn much of anything in the year and a half she had been our Director. But as long as you hadn't pissed her off, she was pretty nice. But still . . . Is it evil that I did a little happy dance???
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