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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Yipppeeee, my dad's doing wonderfully well. Mark and I got to the hospital around 7:15 (yes, a.m.), and I was able to see Dad before he went in. They took him back right at 8:00, and he was done by 10:00. They were very busy today, so he had to stay in recovery for much longer than needed until a bed opened up on the orthopedic unit. He went up to his room around 2:00, and was feeling no pain and out of the anesthesia nicely. We stayed until around 4:00, then headed home. My brother and sis-in-law were there, as well as my aunt and uncle, and one of my mom's oldest friends. We were having our very own party, laughing and talking. I am SOOOO glad to be home, and that Dad has done well so far. I really missed Lauren, because we hadn't seen her since yesterday morning, and I must dash now to play with her before her bath. Later, folks.
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