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Monday, April 26, 2004
You know, I've been saying for the last couple of years that I'm waiting for some really good news, and yet I keep getting smacked down in that area. Every freaking time I turn around something bad is happening. Note to self: Lower your expectations of life, already!!!! Did you ever begin to suddenly hate your employer? I mean a deep loathing that goes all the way to your toes? The kind where you want to hurt someone? Until they bleed? I do. My brother's employment with EKU was terminated this morning, for some very minor issues related to office procedures that arose during an internal audit. I mean MINOR. Things like fewer than 10 personal calls made on his work cell phone, for which he would have happily paid. Software that had been purchased for the office which he hadn't yet had time to install. In the report, it was apparently written up as if he used EKU funds for personal items, and it's just not true. There is no way in hell that termination was the only option. Bottom line, he must have pissed off the wrong person, and this is political. But it really screws with his life, you know? He has two small kids to raise, and this has just demolished his chances of finding another job in his field. They wouldn't even let him resign. Fuck you, EKU.
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