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Monday, May 03, 2004
Busy weekend. We did a lot of shopping and spending money. See, Mark hates to shop for clothes. In fact, he despises it. But it is necessary, so we go out once or twice a year and buy him lots of work clothes. Saturday was just such an occasion. I don't know why he wants me to go with him, really. He has pretty good taste. The only thing I'm good for, I think, is to reassure him, and encourage him to take a few chances. Otherwise his look would be pretty boring! I got him to buy a few more interesting items, in addition to the dress slacks and dress shirts. The down side is that he may buy something that I absolutely hate, but he likes. He rarely wears short sleeves except for t-shirts, and I was able to talk him into a few short sleeve shirts that could be for casual work days or weekends. At home, he's mostly in t-shirts and shorts. He picked out a shirt to try on, in a really pretty shade of blue. The color was the only thing I liked about the shirt, because he looks gorgeous in blue. The shirt was short sleeved with a polo-style collar in a fairly thin cotton blend, but it had two small pockets on the chest. When he tried it on, I hated it. Very 70's. Very Brady. I didn't say much about it, because he's an adult and can buy what he likes. I'm sure I have clothes that he doesn't care for either. So what did he do? He bought the shirt, but not in blue, oh no. He decided that he wears a lot of that color, and didn't need another blue shirt. He bought the damn thing in orange.
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