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Friday, May 21, 2004
I was right, yesterday afternoon was amusing! My boss clearly didn't have any clue what to put down. So for every category (such as job knowledge, productivity, etc.) she had selected the same checkbox. The options for each category are: She had the Meets Expectations box checked for everything. We talked first, though, about current and future projects, and she changed a couple of the categories to Exceeds Expectations. It isn't really fair to me to have a lower evaluation than I deserve simply because she doesn't know what I do, but I decided that I don't really care. Not worth fussing about. On the downside, she was telling me about some restructuring of the units at TRC. I laughed internally, because I thought to myself: "Obviously, we must restructure, because it's Thursday!" I swear, I'm sick to death of reorganizations. Three of the units are going to be merged into one, and they want to have a separate technology team, of which I am a "critical member". Uh-huh. The downside? It's going to be led by one of my peers, who is really bright, but not particularly organized or focused. So now I'll report to her. And she lives in Paducah, so that makes a hell of a lot of sense. And Donna still wants me to spend a couple of days a week at EKU while we're getting this group organized. Yes, that idea is back. Oh, well, hopefully it won't be for long. Speaking of which . . . I had my phones turned off while I was meeting with her. Then I met for an hour or so with the programmer on a huge new system that we're getting ready to test. So when I left the building I turned my phones back on, and had a voice mail on my personal cell. It was my old friend Kerri, calling to offer me an interview for that position. She tried to be all formal about it, but ended up laughing in her message. Good sign. I just called her back and I have an interview set up for June 4th. It seems they had six interview slots, so that would be the max number of interviews. I like my odds. Wish me luck!!!
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