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Monday, June 28, 2004
Boy, how do single parents do it? Mark was out of town Saturday and most of Sunday. He went down to Nashville with some friends to visit another friend who lives there. Even though Lauren was an angel (for the most part), I'm exhausted!!! Lauren and I did get a lot done, though. On Saturday, we went to the grocery, lunch, and four stores shopping for a birthday present for Mark. That fourth store was a mistake for a preschooler without a nap, though. My bad. On Sunday, Mom and Dad came up in the am. Dad and I went to pick up Mark's present - a nice grill - in their van and then we put it together. Lauren and I made a carrot cake for Mark, and after Mom and Dad left, Lauren had some quiet time while the cake cooled. I took advantage of that time to string rope lighting on our deck, and break in the grill. By the time Mark got home around 6:00, I had frosted the cake, put the chicken on the grill, and had side dishes in the works. She was so wired when he got home that she was literally running around us in circles, shouting "Daddy's home, Daddy's home, Daddy's home!!!!!" She helped me light the candles on the cake, and we sang happy birthday, poorly. It was a perfectly beautiful evening to enjoy out on our deck. Mark wanted to play with Lauren, so I took half an hour to take a nice bath in the spa tub. My back was killing me from so much lifting and work, and it felt much better after a nice soak. Today we're back to normal, or a close approximation. Mark took the day off, and is now on his way back from Louisville. I'm sure he'll geek out most of the day, while I work. I like geeking out better, but it is a workday, after all.
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