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Monday, June 21, 2004
Cool story and amazing photo here . . . We had a very busy weekend. I went shopping Friday evening back in civilization, and found that it is actually possible to miss Hamburg traffic! Ha, funny story. When Lauren got home from school on Friday I was talking to her about Father's Day on Sunday, and that I needed to go out for a while to get a present for Daddy. I asked her what she thought we ought to get such a great daddy. She looked at me intently, puzzled for a moment over the question, and then her little face lit up. Her answer? "Maybe some new underwear!!! Or some new shoes!" I thought I was going to fall out of the chair, I was laughing so hard. Saturday was shopping in Lex with Mark while Mom and Dad watched Lauren for us. We ordered a chair for our room - we're putting it in a corner of the bedroom as a little reading nook for me. That's not a truly accurate picture of how cool this chair looks, and it's very comfortable. It doesn't look like a recliner, does it? It's covered in a microfiber that feels like suede but is easy-care. That's important with cats and preschoolers running the house! Sunday we got up early and went to the lake, had a blast as usual. We gave Mark his presents and card, which included, of course, new underwear. Lauren's response? "Mommy, you forgot to buy him new shoes!" Now back to work . . .
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