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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Go click on these links every day, and visit their sponsors too. Snopes says it's legit. I had a great lunch today. I met a favorite former teacher of mine and his wife at one of my favorite restaurants. They live in Frankfort now also, and we had a good time visiting. I hadn't seen him in . . . (drumroll, please) 17 years. He hadn't changed much at all. His wife was really nice too. Mark wasn't able to come, but then he turned up to pick up his lunch to-go. Pure coincidence, since he didn't know where we were going to lunch - maybe not, though, since it's his favorite restaurant too. Hopefully we'll all meet again for lunch soon. Mr. Roberts was my social studies/history teacher in high school, and was always a lot of fun, when he wasn't throwing erasers at sleeping students or dropping books on their desk. (No, not me. I was a good student.) Plus I learned an awful lot from him, and he deserves a lot of credit, along with my other teachers, for teaching us how to learn and enjoy it. I also know that Mark would love to bend his ear, because my dear husband is a history geek, as well as a technology geek. Now, bad weather is coming through, so I'm shutting down my 'puter before it crashes. The lights are already flickering. Stay dry!
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