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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Well, I guess my interview didn't go as well as I thought, since I didn't get a second interview. No, actually, it did go really well. I suppose they wanted someone who had worked in a school setting, that's my guess. At least it makes me feel better, anyway. On the plus side, there were a couple of jobs in the Sunday paper that I'm going to apply for (there's that poor grammar again). Also, I got an e-mail over the weekend from the alumni group of my college sorority. They were asking if anyone would be willing to serve on the Board of Directors for the Frankfort CASA chapter. CASA is the sorority's philanthropy, and I thought it would be interesting. So I met the Executive Director this morning for coffee, and we hit it off. I'm going to serve on the board, and possibly do more as a volunteer. This is good. I've been missing having a more direct impact on families & children in need, so maybe this will help me do something positive. I couldn't go back to social work on the front lines at this point in my life. Too much stress, too many crazy hours, too much of everything. I don't need ulcers again. But I want to do something. Maybe this is what I need to be doing right now. We shall see. Lauren was so sweet last night. I wasn't feeling well, I had an awful headache - kind of sinusy. That's a new word, don'tcha know. So after supper, I went to our room to lay down for a bit, and actually fell asleep. When Lauren was getting ready for her bath, she snuck in to our room. She started stroking my face and hair, saying "Aww, Mama, it's ok, you're going to feel better soon." Then she gave me some really gentle little kisses on my cheek, climbed up on the bed, and covered me up with a throw. One more kiss and a hug, and then she climbed down and went off to her bath. Talk about a great way to wake up, and a sure-fire cure for what ails you. I love that child more than air.
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