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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
I went to lunch today with one of my best friends from work. He's a really great guy, and I definitely wouldn't have stayed in my job as long as I have (almost 7 years now) without his support and friendship. I hope he feels the same. But here's the thing. We have a history that's a little complex. He's had a crush on me in the past, and even tried to kiss me once. We worked our way back to friendship with some frank discussion and a few arguments. But he's a great friend, so I didn't want to give that up. I was CRYSTAL clear with him at the time. He knows that we will never be anything other than friends; I love and adore my husband; would never cheat even if that weren't the case; even if I were the cheating type, I wouldn't cheat with someone who is married; and that I'm very uncomfortable when he acts borderline inappropriate. If he ever tries to get physically close to me again (other than the occasional pat on the arm/back, etc.), we will no longer be friends. He was flirting with me in the e-mails coordinating our schedules, and more subtly flirting at lunch. I asked him what was up with that, because I'm just that kind of a direct chick. He denied it. However, I am female, and have been able to tell for years when someone is flirting with me. I'm not stupid. This is a problem, because he's shown in the past that he doesn't always have the best judgment when it comes to this sort of thing. So I'm pissed, at him and at this situation. Suggestions, anyone?

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