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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Here's a picture of my beautiful girl from Sunday at the lake. Note all the safety equipment - she's still a little cautious around water, which is just fine with us! For the record, she has on a second bathing suit, with flotation devices built in, arm floaties, and we borrowed that dragon from another family at the pool, for just a few minutes. Mind you, this was all with 4 people, all of whom adore her, within a few feet. I don't think she could have gone underwater even if she tried really, really hard. It's funny, how the kids (my girl and my brother's boy and girl) are all so very different. Kaylynn, my niece, seems to have literally no fear - she can get mad when we stop her from doing what she wants, like swimming out into the ocean by herself. Dalton, my nephew, is afraid of lots of stuff, kind of freaks out over new things, loud noises, etc. Apparently the 4th of July was not much fun. Lauren, though, is cautious in a new situation. She kind of hangs back and checks things out for a while before she gets involved. But once she's got it figured out, she jumps in with both feet. With her, I have to let other people know not to push her, but give her the time to decide if she's going to take part. She usually does, but not if she's too strongly encouraged. Contrary child; I don't know where she gets that! (Shut up) The pictures of all three kids in the lake turned out pretty fuzzy, which is a shame. Oh, well, next weekend we'll take a real camera and get some better shots. My camera phone isn't the highest resolution - it does better if the object is close, and the shots from the boat down into the water were just too far. I have a nasty little stomach bug that started last night, so I had to cancel lunch plans. Bummer - I was looking forward to it, too. Hope I feel better soon, anyway.
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