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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
LL has gotten me interested in numerology for the moment. Not my usual thing, but it struck a chord for me today for some reason. She very kindly did a quick reading for me, and it's interesting. Pretty much on target, as you can read below.
Your Life Path number is "7" – the Faith Seeker. 7s are here to learn to have faith. 7s are incredibly bright, observers and commenters. 7 is a very direct number. 7s tend to tell the truth. They don't always speak up, but when you do, people listen. 7s have a loner quality. 7s are very intense and analyze every situation. 7s make good computer experts but they also love natural beauty. 7s tend to throw themselves into work. Occupations for 7s: psychiatrist, psychologist. Now, with your current name, you have a soul number "4" – The Teacher. This means that you will feel fulfilled when you have security, a solid plan for the future and an environment you can truly call your home. Interestingly, the soul number attached to your birth name is "8" – The Executive. Fulfillment for 8s comes with financial freedom, job security and a nice home.
Interesting . . . What do you think? Does it fit? The only part I'm not sure of is the last bit - I'll have to think on that.
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