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Belated meeting update

Thursday, September 09, 2004
I said I would post about yesterday's meeting last night, but I didn't get to it. BAD JILL!!! It was interesting, to say the least. The meeting started out at 8:30 with two of the head honchos. They want me to work with the Facilitation Center approximately 10 days a month, here at home and there at EKU as needed. That's cool, I've done a couple of projects with the lead person there, and she's great to work with. They also want me to have an official office at the CHR Building here, because people are asking why I work at home instead of at the office. But I'm not expected to actually be there (?). Ummm, ok. There is also a current project to redesign one of the main websites, not mine. They asked me if I would help with that project, I said sure. They were talking about working on personalizing the content of the site based on user preference, kind of like MyYahoo, and asked if I had any ideas. I said I'd never done anything like that, but would be happy to help the programmer in any way that I could, and would be happy to do some research. Oh, and all this additional work did not include anything being taken off of my plate. This is just more. They even said I've been recognized as a hard worker who gets things done, and this happens to that group of people. I know when I'm being screwed, but what am I gonna do? These are the two big bosses. They asked me if I could stay for a 10:00 meeting of the web group, which I did. So, I go into the 10:00 meeting, there were some new people there, but I knew most of the group. The head honcho mentions that I am joining the group, and that I will be taking the lead on personalizing the site for users! I swear, I got looks of sympathy from all around the room. I talked to him after the meeting, and got on him for doing that to me. I've known him a long time, so I was able to be fairly direct. He just smiled. He's an evil genius, I tell you. After that meeting ended, I went to talk with the chick from the Facilitation Center, because the bosses asked me to get with her to plan out our scope of work. She had a notepad, with some preliminary ideas jotted down. On there was written: Jill will be here, 3 days a week. Now, in no sense is that 10 days a month, and that was not the same info I had been given, so of course I brought it up. She was talking about where my workstation would be, which turns out to be a conference room in a unit across the hall, when it's not in use. They'll find me a laptop to use. Yeah, sounds like a great workspace to me. I mentioned that I probably wouldn't need to be there that often, unless there was a specific reason, like a meeting or a planning session. She had a different impression, but I think I got my point across. Still, I like working with her, the projects she's working on are interesting, and my skillset could help her. Here's the real deal. The head honchos are getting questions about why I work at home. As you may recall, that was not a decision I had any say in whatsoever. They know that I do not want to be permanently housed in the CHR Building (bad karma in that place), and that I need quiet and some software that I can't use on the state network in order to be most effective. They're trying to find a workaround, which I appreciate. They want to be able to say that I have an office at the CHR Building, and that I'm working with Karen 10 days a month, which would cover them and me. I'm not sure how it's different than the past year, when I've had a cube at the CHR Building and a cube at EKU, but didn't spend much time at either place. We'll see how it goes. I do just love the fact that all this additional work is piled on me, but no slack in any of my regular duties. Just another day, I suppose.

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