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Monday, September 13, 2004
I had an interesting conversation with an acquaintance this weekend (I was nice, by the way). She's very intelligent, professionally accomplished, and not the least bit interested in politics. I've been debating about whether undecided voters are cynical or naïve. I'm leaning toward naïve. On the one hand, she doesn't think her vote really matters, as both of the major parties are roughly analagous. She has something of a point, here, and I used to feel the exact same way. However, the events of the last 3½ years have convinced me that we have to take a stand somewhere. She's not there yet, I don't think. A big part of the problem seems to be that she sees both sides as equally bad for our country. An example - Swift Boat Vets vs. TANG lack of service. Her reaction was to say, "See, both of them did some stuff they shouldn't have." Other issues, from Iraq to the economy to health care to Medicaid elicited a similar response. She doesn't see Bush as worse than Kerry, really, let alone feel good about voting for either one of them. What pushes me into believing that she's basically naïve is her faith in the media. She isn't a news junkie, so she truly seems to think that Fox News is not that different from most other broadcast news. I suppose if you don't watch a lot of news, you could get there. She told me that she occasionally listens to talk radio. Yes, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, etc. She's never going to go to the trouble to stream Air America because she's not that interested, so the right wing shows are just about the only option in terms of talk radio. She actually believes them. She even said that they wouldn't and couldn't just lie. I don't know what group she thinks would stop them, but she had utter faith in the idea that if you heard it on the radio or read it in the newspaper or saw it on a mainstream news program, it was true. She has no idea of how literally everything is spun these days. And she's going to vote - I was afraid to ask for whom she's planning to vote.

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