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Monday, September 13, 2004
Personal stuff will now be housed on a separate blog. This one will just be rants and raves, at least for now, and mostly about politics. I've never had any difficulty with privacy, but I'd feel more comfortable if I could be free to post more pictures, etc. of her. See the link over at the right under the counter; feel free to bookmark it. Why don't you check out LL's store while you're over on the right side of this page? You'll have to sign up for an account, and then I can give you access to read the page. There are only a few of you who would read it anyway, so I hope that's not too much trouble. And I hope that my obsessive tendency to tell annoying, yet charming, stories about my kid are worth it. Oh, and I'm not yet sure how I'll be notified that you've created an account on this other system, so can the first person or two drop me an e-mail or IM me to let me know you want access? Edit - yeah, I'm not finding any way that I'm notified when someone has requested access to the personal blog. So can you drop me a line, with the username and/or e-mail addy you use to set up your account? Thanks much - J.

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