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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
First, there's a cool new search engine called Snap that's in beta. I found it on BoingBoing. Secondly, the debate last night was close enough to a tie that I can't call it a win for either. Of course, I'm biased, so I'm of the opinion that Edwards came across better. Too biased to be objective, I suppose. Third, job interview went great, she said they are very interested in me, but as expected, I don't know if the money will work out. It was nice, though. She said that she could guess what my current salary might be, and figured their range was lower than that. So they were already working to find funds to increase the salary range. That makes me believe she wasn't just feeding me a line, and it sure was nice to hear. Plus they came to me, in a sense. She told me I was perfect for the position, had the right attitude, right experience, would fit in great with the rest of the staff. But that pesky money . . . I'm waiting to hear from her about the revised salary range. Ya know, I might just do it if it's not too huge a pay cut. There's more to a career than money. Mark is very supportive of that idea - he wants me to be happy in my work, and we could make do with a little less if we needed to do that. The only critical things are the house payment, Lauren's tuition, her KAPT payments, and food/clothing for her. For us too, I suppose. I'd really like to feel good about my work, know that my work makes a real difference to kids and families, and feel proud of my employer. None of those things are currently true for me, and they're worth an awful lot. She was also very clear that it's a family-friendly environment. Lots of the staff have small kids, they offer excellent family insurance plans, solid benefits, flexible work hours, etc. Will keep you posted.

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