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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Seems some right-wing blog found the bit below that I found on Atrios. Don't know why in the world they linked to me instead of Atrios, or how they found me in the first place. I only get visits from friends and family, usually. One of millions of little blogs. Anyway, I'm getting some hits from that link, which I don't particularly care about. Looking at the logs, seems like some folks are taking a look around, which is cool by me. One comment so far, which wasn't particularly rude (well, except for that part about liberals being "brutally vicious and abusive" - t'aint me, nor anyone I know). I suppose we all have our stories of crazy people from the other side, and I'm not sure why I'm responsible for whatever this guy's experienced, but whatever. Remind me to tell you how many times my car's been keyed since I put the Kerry sticker on it. Or that time I was nearly run off the road and then flipped off by a big SUV with a "W" sticker on it. That was a hoot. Or the possibly well-meaning church people who turned up at my door to proselytize, wouldn't shut the hell up when I told them politely that I wasn't interested, then noticed my sign and started screaming at me about how I was going to hell. Good times, good times. Please note - I think these were some batshit crazy people; not all republicans are interested in killing me. Just some of them, har dee har har. There are some batshit crazy people on the democratic side too, I'm sure. I'm not one of them. In short, you can find idiots on every side of the divide. In any case, I'm truly interested in hearing from any visitors, because I just don't get it. I don't "get" George Bush. I don't "get" whatever it is that he believes this week. I don't "get" how the world is better now, or how we are more safe. I'm just not seeing it. Yes, Saddam=BadGuy. Horrible dictator, killed lots of people, gassed his own people, rape rooms, etc. Glad he's out of power. Lots of terrible dictators running about in the world, are we taking them all down? In what order? With what armed forces? I know people who are in Iraq and Afghanistan. They may die over there. And for what? Didn't mean to rant there, but I just don't "get" the cult of George. I would love an explanation. I may not agree with it, but I'm interested in hearing it. I've yet to hear any Bush supporter who can calmly, clearly articulate why they believe in him. And I've asked. It has tended, in my experience, to devolve into a harangue about evil liberals who want to ban the bible, spit on the soldiers, and support Saddam being in power. Well, I'm absolutely liberal, and I don't consider myself evil. I don't care if other people believe in the bible, but I do care if my child is forced to do so, or is ostracized because she doesn't. I would like to have the soldiers home, safe and sound, and only sent into danger out of necessity. See above paragraph about Saddam. Only sane people need apply; don't be rude. And leave religion out of it, if possible, because that doesn't apply to me. I'm curious - now that the republicans control all three branches, what do you sincerely expect to happen over the next 4 years? I'd really like to know.

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