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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
I'm getting yet another new boss. That'll be the third one in just over a year (and just for the hell of it, it's the 11th or 12th one in 7 years - I've lost track). She's probably the most engaged of the recent batch (with me at least) but is also quite busy. I like her all right; I just don't care any more. Man, I need a new job. Oh, and I'll now have to commute down to the university (yep, an hour each way) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Wednesday. Because they don't feel like they've had me there enough. Never mind the fact that I've been trying to schedule a meeting with my 2 contacts down there for three weeks, and have sent probably 7 or 8 e-mails to them and they haven't responded. Because they've been out. They're out of the office probably 4 days a week, so I'm not sure I see the value in having me sit down there with nothing to do. And again, my workspace down there is in a conference room in a unit across the hall, when it's not in use. Funny how the rules changed on this whole deal. First it was working with them approximately 10 days a month, mostly from home, but going down there when needed. Then, just as soon as I agreed to that, it was changed to spending a couple of days there a week. But when I tried to go on and book some dates to be down there, I got roadblocked because their schedules were so busy and they wanted to take it week by week. When that didn't happen because they didn't respond to my repeated requests, it changed again to this setup. Seems like I'm being punished because they're not available and/or responsive. But whatever. I'm not bitter. Oh, wait, yes I am! I am now officially disconnected from my job, my work, my numerous bosses, and my co-workers. I literally do not care any more. I really hope your day is going better than mine.

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